It's just about that time to start stocking up on fall and winter clothing, my favorite type of wardrobe! Colder weather begins to peek into the valley, warm lattes become an all day sip and comfort clothes are always the best decision and I am all for it. Yes, I'm an oversize, legging and boot wearing kind of girl. And when it comes to dressing my girls, I don't fall too far from the tree. If it's one thing I love other than finding great clothing items for myself (which is quite rare nowadays because when does a mom of girls ever shop for herself anymore), it's finding staple clothing items that can be dressed in all sorts of ways for my girls and that they can wear all throughout the season. One thing I particularly enjoy is being able to dress them in identical outfits, multi-colored and multi-patterned tights and stockings with cute bows and boots. There's so much diversity when pairing outfits for them, and it has become a hobby of mine to shop and have fun with their wardrobe. Catch us in these next few months, as the leaves begin to change in hues and the air becomes slightly cooler, in complimenting mommy/daughters outfits!



I remember dreaming of the day I'd have children of my own. Picturing the way they'd look, the way they'd smell, the way they'd be. Reminding myself that once I did have children, to remember every detail of their face and personality, and to be the best mom I can possibly be, no matter what challenges may be presented. And while it sounds cliché to say the least, I genuinely want to be the kind of mother that always puts in 100%, the kind that creates a safe haven for my children to be themselves around, that will, in turn, exude the same kind of love I show them everyday unto others and to be passionate about something, anything and happy with every decision they make and all these things that I still work on everyday in myself. 



And just like that I have a one-year-old all over again. Keirah Arie has brought nothing but joy into our lives the second she made her entrance into this world. The light in her eyes and big smiles that never seize to make my day only projects the kind of happiness I always want to see in my children. In a year she's progressed rapidly, learning how to move, coo, speak, play, etc. And in recent months communicating with us her needs and in the home stretch of finally making those first steps without help. Although this year with her in our lives has been difficult with two girls and always having to adjust to change, she is the perfect compliment to our growing family. She is everything I always wanted and more. Here are her one-year-old milestones:



Everything happening in my life is always so constant. It's been like this since the birth of my first daughter. There literally is always something going on and keeping me on my feet. And now that I've added a full-time job into the mix, it has only gotten a little more hectic. But as I'm slowly easing into a routine with my job and the girls on top of that, I'm finding that my life probably won't get any easier at this rate. My girls are getting older and wiser by the minute and it has become difficult to come home and only have 2-3 hours with them before they go "night-night" when before I started working I was with them 24/7. My oldest doesn't make it any easier. She has gotten good at making me feel bad for leaving saying things like "mommy, don't go work anymore" or "mommy you stay home now?" only to have to leave her disappointed by me kissing and hugging her goodbye for the day. While my youngest reaches out for me to carry her only to have one more minute to spare before I really have to leave. Yeah, it gets even harder as each day passes. (As I sit here at my desk at work missing my girls, here are some snapshots from a day we spent at Balboa Park in San Diego.)